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2nd Annual Mike Photoshop Contest

Announcing the 2nd Annual Mike Photoshop Contest!

Here's how it works:

1. Suggest a compromosing and funny potential photograph involving Mike in the mike_story Livejournal community.

2. Photoshop®¹ a picture of Mike to the specifications of the suggestion.²

3. Submit that photograph as a comment in response to the entry with the suggestion.³

4. Post a new entry in the mike_story Livejournal community with a different suggestion (repeat steps 1-4).

5. Everyone wins! (except Mike)

¹ Photoshop® is a registered trademark of the Adobe® Corporation. Used by permission.
² Artist must be a different person from the original poster.
³ Artists who submit Photoshopped® Mike pictures grant a non-exclusive license to the mike_story Livejournal community for the purposes of this contest, advertising this contest, and blackmailing Mike.
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